You can't believe it! You've just witnessed a U.F.O right smack dab in the Marietta Square! As if the world couldn't get any crazier, you've been taken aboard and have been exposed to all the wonders the Mind Invader has to show. You gasp, you flinch, but you can't stop looking. You are now forever changed and love it! The First Encounter is jam packed with 3 amazing original stories all complied into 1 amazing book! Aliens are real, and your only proof are 1 digital and physical SIGNED copy of First Encounter, but wait, this new world isnt without heroes, you'll recieved a signed copy of the Captain Onyx print! Complete with official seal of Mind Invaders Inc.!


-Includes =1. 11x17 print, and physical copy of Mind Invader Comics: First Encounter.

Issue#1: First Encounter